There’s a Better Way Than Family Court: Langley Mediation, Whitby

There are plenty of reasons to choose mediation when your marriage is over. Mediation is an alternative to the court system, a system that is far too often divisive, expensive, and protracted.

Mediation Is Fast

With mediation, you are not at the mercy of the court’s schedule. We are dedicated to helping all parties reach a fair and amicable outcome in a prompt manner. While each case is clearly different, mediation moves at a far quicker pace than that in divorce and family court, and is concluded in a fraction of the time. Average times for mediation is about two months; sometimes cases can be resolved in a month although some cases can take up to six months.

Mediation Is Affordable

One of the biggest problems with divorce and family courts is the expense. Lawyers are incredibly expensive and those costs can skyrocket in cases where there are claims for custody, access, child support or there are assets to be divided. At Langley Mediation, our goal is to help you get your divorce finalized as soon as is practical, which reduces time and costs for all parties.

Mediation Is Amicable

At Langley Mediation we work with both parties to find a solution that works for everybody—the separating parties and the children. Our approach is based on building agreements and seeking understanding; our approach is not adversarial and at all times is focused on bringing people together to find solutions.

The Mediation Process

The process begins by talking with both parties to understand the issues and to decide how, and in what order, they will be tackled. Depending on the clients’ needs, we will facilitate the sessions jointly or in separate mediation rooms. The mediation will take place at a location close to the clients’ home, for their convenience. Lawyers are welcome at all of the meetings but do not need to be present throughout the entire process.

Once the agenda for mediation has been established, the separating parties will then go about collecting whatever paperwork and data that they need for the actual mediation process. The speed at which mediation is concluded does vary, but we often see resolution in two months—resulting in roughly 8 to 10 mediation sessions in which issues like division of assets, child support, custody, and access are settled. As far as possible we foster a collaborative, amicable environment. To that end, all of our staff is fully trained to prevent emotional bullying or intimidation. In instances where resolution isn’t possible, or emotional and verbal abuse occurs, we can recommend a variety of specialist lawyers and professionals that may be able to help resolve the issue.

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